Parentals: Winnipeg Child & Baby Equipment Rentals

Parentals helps make life with kids simpler by providing baby gear rentals.

We are now selling all of our inventory. Please contact us at if you are interested in anything you see on our website.

Not shown includes:
Infant carseat cocoon/covers (asking $20 each)
Mattress pads (asking $20 each)
Stroller travel bags (asking $20 each)

Various crib sheets, bed sets (3), and playpen sheets as well.
Breathable bumper pads for the cribs - Jolly Jumper - 1 package new - asking $20

Everything is first come first serve. If you wish to purchase an item but wish for it to be held, we can do a paypal invoice to hold the items for you reasonable offers will be considered.
All items are located in the East Kildonan area in Winnipeg, and we are happy to arrange a time to meet with you to pickup any items during most evenings or on the weekend.

Although we are closed, if someone still wishes to start up this type of business, the name, logo, website and facebook page are still available, as well as the many customers who did not wish to see us close, we would be happy to sell off ownership and see the company continue at some point.

Parentals was started by Karen, a mother of 3. She created Parentals to help make travelling with children less stressful, and to make it easier to host visitors with young children. Recently Karen decided to return to school, and Danielle and Marla are excited for the opportunity to take over this local business. She is married with 2 children, a girl age 6, and a boy age 3. As a family, they enjoy camping throughout the summer. They also have family visiting frequently from out of town, so she is quite familiar with the needs of travelling with children. She has another locally owned business, called No Bake Shower Cake, creating shower gifts and centerpieces including diaper cakes, towel cakes, and various other items. She also provides computer support working from home for a global company.

Marla was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, married with 2 daughters, ages 6 and 9. They are an active family with parents that live out of town so she is also familiar with what is required when travelling with young children. She worked primarily in the Financial Services industry until her youngest daughter was born. At that time she decided to open a home daycare so she would be home with her two young children. Our goal is to allow this company to grow and provide the needs to make travel for parents easier and much more comfortable for the babies and children travelling with them.

The Joovy Caboose is appropriate from birth only with the use of an infant car seat. Otherwise, the stroller can be used from 6 months to 45lbs. The Maclaren Twin Triumph cannot be used with any car seat, although it is appropriate from birth to 55 lbs. The warranty and customer service is excellent with both Graco and Joovy from what I have experienced. I have never needed to contact Maclaren, however I anticipate that parts and accessories would be easy to find if required. I personally have a Graco and a Joovy, and after considerable use of both, they are still in excellent working condition. In the end, there is no one stroller which will be perfect for every family. Therefore, Parentals offers a choice of stroller, and provides the information to help each family decide which stroller best suits their needs.

The Graco has all the bells and whistles to make it a very convenient stroller. The convenience factor decreases because of the weight of the stroller, and the fact that it is harder to turn with larger kids on board. The Joovy Caboose is manoeuvrable with larger kids, but the putting the tray on and taking it off is not convenient, as well the infant carrier up front makes for a tighter squeeze for the child sitting in the back. The Maclaren Twin Triumph is a convenient size and design, but lacks the trays, cup holders, storage space, and larger wheels that help with convenience. It also cannot be used with any infant car seat, so if the infant is sleeping in the car, it must be taken out of the infant car seat and transferred to the stroller.

Rent the best baby equipment

You baby is growing fast, but he still needs help when making steps or moving around. If you have to travel somewhere and you wish to enjoy a hassle-free vacation you must make sure that you will have baby gear at your disposal. Rent your baby equipment from Parentals, choose from our dozens of car seats, strollers and portable cribs and make sure your little one will stay comfortably throughout your vacation!

Pick up your baby gear

You might have a stroller and portable cribs at home, but when you must go away and your luggage is already too heavy, you will have to rent the baby gear. Enter Parentals and select the right product for your baby, whether you have a girl or boy and regardless their weight and height. You will enjoy numerous benefits if you just rent the equipment so do not rush into spending a small fortune on new ones.

Get the best for your toddler! Rent our baby equipment and select from a wide range of brands and products aimed to meet the requirements of the most pretentious customers. You know that your baby deserves the best baby gear, hence try our products that were purchased brand new and which were carefully cleaned and safety checked to assure the best conditions for your child.

Check the products and see that they do not have any signs of wear and tear. Besides the fact that you will save naptime and ensure a proper sleep for your kid, you will also save some money and enjoy better conditions during your first holiday with the baby. You will not have to transport and unload your baby equipment, you can stay relaxed because the baby gear rented will be fully operational and your baby will sleep like an angel in this equipment.

Do not take your entire baby nursery when it is time to pack your bags for your vacation. Send us an email and the staff from Parentals will recommend you the best solutions for your needs. In case you own very expensive car seats and stroller, taking them with you will mean that they can be destroyed by the airline company. Save wear and tear with Parentals and rent your baby gear on our website.

Your baby will get to try new things and test new cribs. Apart from the fact that renting these items is quite affordable, your little one will get used to new things and reduce the chances of becoming somehow addicted to their blanket, crib or toy. However, maybe you should not rent toys. Kids often drop them and put them in their moth and it is hard to eliminate bacteria from them. Bring your own toys in your vacation and your baby will sleep well regardless the crib.

Request the professional services of Parentals and you will certainly enjoy a stress-free vacation. The crib and strollers will be at your destination, waiting for your baby to take a resting nap. Rent the baby gear from us, save money on luggage fees and offer the best equipment for your baby!